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Tokyo Indies

Welcome to Tokyo Indies!

A presentation at the March 2017 event.

Tokyo Indies is a monthly gathering where game developers, creators, artists and game fans can hang out and share their passion for games over a few (or more) friendly drinks. No matter your calling, be you indie, doujin, student, corporate or wookiee, whether you love making games or just playing them. All are welcome! We offer time and space to present your games or just display them for feedback and from time to time we will host unique speakers and guests.

Recent updates:

July Report
June Report: Shaky Butt, UTU, and Cosmic Shooter
May Report: Tarotica Voo Doo, Bazookrash, Tiltank, Arika the black wing, Earth Defense Satellite
April Report: Rising Arch, Tokoyo no Tou, Unreal Life, and Strange Telephone Postmortem

Hope to see you at the next one! 🎮